Wrong postural habits, which are a professional hazard with computer operators, clerks, office workersPanchakarma procedures and other treatmentsNeck pain; Restricted movement of neck;
Pain radiating to shoulders and arms;
Tingling sensation in fingers
ObesityExcess accumulation of fat in the body; Continuous indulgence in high fat foods, fried items;
Sedentary life
Diet and yoga programs;
Panchakarmatherapies based on requirement of individual
Metabolic disturbances such as hypertension, diabetes, irregular digestion
Low back achePoor Postures; Prolapsed inter vertebral disk or strained muscle/ ligament; Inflammation of the pelvic joints; Chronic constipationSudden or a gradual onset of low back ache; Pain radiating from Low Back to the backside of either one/ both the legsOral medication Medicated enemas at specified intervals;
Mild yogic exercises
HypertensionBlood pressure above normal range;
Kidney disease; Hormone disturbance or narrowing of blood vessels
High blood pressureStaying calm with the help of oral medication;
Massages, Yoga, relaxation techniques
Leisure and laughter
Amavata/ Rheumatoid ArthritisArthritis associated with excessive toxinsSwelling;
Local rise of
Heaviness and
rise of
Dry heat;
Dry massage; Medicines to correct digestion and improve mobility
Sandhivata/ Osteo-arthritisChronic arthritis without much swellingFever with restricted movements;
Oil massage / Oil bath;
Few detoxifying (Panchakarma) therapies
Indigestion – The root cause of all diseases. To prevent major illness in later stages of life, digestive impairment should be properly managed in its initial stage itself.
HyperacidityDerangement of digestive fire by vitiated Pitta energyInflammation and irritation of the gastric mucosa
Dietary restriction, Yogaand internal medicines;
Persons with chronic history undergo detoxifying
UlcersToo much of hurry, worry and spicy curriesDestroys the mucous lining along the digestive tract
Intake of medicated ghee;
Dietary restrictions; Well balanced meals;
Avoiding carbonated drinks, alcohol, tea, coffee;
Managing worries through positive attitude;
Stress management
ConstipationInadequate fiber and water intakes;
Hectic lifestyle
Deranges digestive fire followed by vitiation of Apana Vayu – energy situated in the pelvic region and belowRegular and timely meals;
Responding to natural urges in time;
High fluid and high fiber intake;
Exercises that stimulate and strengthen the muscles of the intestinal trackPanchakarmaprocedures
Respiratory disorders
AsthmaExcess Kapha/ Mucus collected in small air bags causing obstruction to the easy flow of air through themDifficulty in breathing;
A sense of tightness;
Wheezing noise while breathing
Panchakarmaprocedures; Therapeutic measures
SinusitisSinuses, the mucous lines air spaces in the facial bones that communicate with the nose getting inflamedHeadache;
Tenderness over the affected regions
Internal medicines
Eye problems; Sinusitis;
High blood pressures
A constant / on-and-off throbbing painPanchakarmatreatment
Stress management through yoga and meditation
DiabetesBody failing to utilize the glucose produced at the end of digestionMetabolic disorder; Increase of glucose level in blood serum and urinePanchakarmaprocedures;
Regular physical exercise;
Low carbohydrate diet;
Low stress level in
day-to-day life
PsoriasisExcessively accumulated toxins in the bloodItchy, scaly and red patches on various parts of the body and scalpIntake of medicated ghee;
External procedures
Cosmetic Problems
Hair fall/ dandruff/ GrayingExposure to rough weather; Inadequate hair care;
Insufficient nutrition;
Irregular life style;
Improper; digestion
Hair fall and early grayingMedicated hair oils; Nutritional supplement;
Stress-relieving techniques
Oily Skin/ PimplesTeenage related hormone disturbances, high fat intake, continuous indulgence in junk foodFormation of pimples; Tarnishing of complexionInternal medicines; Application of herbal powders as face packs;
Dietary regulation; Regular exercises